Hair Removal without the Fuss

At our salon we offer treatments to make you feel better from head to toe and this also includes waxing. We offer a range of waxing services for women and men from our salon in Eastbourne.

Eyebrow Waxing

Many people are today choosing to wax their eyebrows as opposed to traditional DIY methods such as plucking and tweezing. Although plucking eyebrows gives immediate results it can be quite laborious and time consuming and will often need to be repeated more often than waxing.

Depending on your type of brows there can also be other benefits to eyebrow waxing compared to threading, plucking and other methods. Fans of eyebrow waxing won’t deny it is a quick process that also gives much neater, clearer results leaving eyebrows in neater shapes and more defined.

If your eyebrows are particularly thick threading and plucking can become even trickier and potentially more painful. For these reasons we recommend waxing for thicker and fuller eyebrows to give more pleasing results in the short and long term.

Our eyebrow treatments are designed to be quick and easy to fit around your schedule allowing you more time to focus on what’s important to you. To check availability or arrange an appointment please Get in touch today.

Body Waxing

The term body waxing for some people may be associated with full body waxing which is an obvious connection to make. In reality body waxing applies to the wide range of treatments that are available to improve the look and feel of your whole body. When many of us think of waxing we often think of leg waxing or Brazilian or Hollywood waxes but today there are many more treatments for your body aside from this.

Body waxing for women encompasses a range of different treatments. Arm waxing treatments are often requested which cover the forearm including wrists up to the elbow. Many women also prefer to have underarm hair removed by waxing professionals compared to carrying out at home. Leg waxing is still a popular service and many women chose to go for half leg waxes which go up to the knee or full leg treatments which cover from the toes up to your thighs. These waxes can also be combined with bikini waxes and other areas depending on your personal preference.

Men’s body waxing consists of more areas than many people may think. Aside from the obvious areas such as legs and chest many men choose to have a number of treatments for their upper and lower body. Chest and back waxing are common choices as well as abdomen and lower back for those that want an entirely smooth chest and back. Arms, shoulders and hands are often requested to for men that want an entirely hairless upper body. Half and full leg treatments are often carried out too with some men also wishing to have their feet and toes waxed all in one sitting. Whatever you require let us now and we will advise how we can help.

Men’s Waxing

In the past waxing may have been considered as a service just for female customers. Today increasingly more men are also choosing wax services to make themselves look and feel better and also for their partner’s benefit.

Many men today choose facial waxing from professionals to help tidy up their appearance rather than go it alone. It is not uncommon for men to request treatments to tidy their eyebrows, remove unwanted nasal hair and completely remove hair in and around the ears.

Waxing Prices

Full leg ankle to bikini line             £24

Full leg and bikini line                     £28

½ leg ankle to knees                       £16

½ leg, knees and bikini line          £22

¾ leg wax                                            £18


Full arm wax                       £15

Forearm                               £11

Bikini line wax                    £12

Underarm wax                  £9

Lip or chin wax                  £8

Lip and chin                        £12

Eyebrow wax                     £8

Chest or back wax for men from £20

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